Looking for a Nursing Home

  1. How to Choose a Nursing Home in Illinois 


How to Choose a Nursing Home in Illinois is the guide ICBC has written to walk you step by step through the process of choosing a nursing home, including using internet resources in an informed way.  It includes pictures of website pages you can use, along with advice about how to use them efficiently.


The document will be most helpful to you if you have a computer with internet access.  If that is not possible, or if you need more help, of course you can call us at 312-663-5120.

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2. Nursing Home Checklist  

You should read How to Choose a Nursing Home in Illinois before using the Nursing Home Checklist.  We suggest you use the checklist when you have narrowed down your list of possible choices, and are actually visiting potential nursing home choices.  Read more


3. Encouraging Comfort Care: A Guide for Families of People with Dementia Living in Care Facilities.

If you are looking for a nursing home for a person with Alzheimer's disease or another dementia, we recommend you read pages   7 - 9 of  Encouraging Comfort Care: A Guide for Families of People with Dementia Living in Care Facilities, a publication of the Greater Illinois Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. These pages are a really helpful description of what nursing home care for people with dementia should be.  


 4.  Alternatives to Nursing Home Care 
If you need help for somebody who needs daily physical or other therapy, you probably are looking for a nursing home.  For anybody else, you may actually prefer a less institutional setting:  services at home, in some kind of day program, or in an assisted living or supportive living facility.  Learn more about possible choices, and what financial help is available to pay for them, here.  Read more.


 5. Learning More About a Nursing Home


We teach you here how to dig down deeper to find out more information about a particular nursing home.  Some of this -- information about violations, and about convicted felons living in nursing homes -- you may want to know before you pick the home.  Other information -- about how the nursing home spends its money, and what you can learn from public records about nursing home expenditures -- may be of particular interest to family councils and others who want to improve care in a particular home.   Read more.